Some thoughts from you, our valued customer

Karan Gupta

10/10 would recommend Himalayan Creamery to all of you. You can literally taste what unadulterated m Read more

Prerna Bajaj

Hello, They provide Pasteurised, Healthy Cow's Pure Milk with Doorstep delivery through Tri-Ci Read more

Shiva Chaudhary

Thank you for Delivering Farm Fresh Milk to our doorstep, daily. Highly recommended for all to try.

Sharad Mishra

I visited their farm and was stunned to see the cleanliness and high-tech milking and purifying tech Read more

Ashima Salaria

Himalayan Creamery is totally what we need in the time when our health is facing major repercussions Read more

Kulvinder Singh

Milk from Himalayan Creamery tastes same as milk from my home back in village. It's pure, tasty Read more

Upasna Gulati

Their milk is free from hormones, antibiotics, and aflatoxins and its pasteurised so you can drink Read more

Pranav Malhotra

Apart from having actual pure milk and providing door step delivery service, they are actually worki Read more

Mrs. Satvinder Kaur

Best experience with Himalayan Creamery. Tried their pure cow's milk and I loved it and I wil Read more

Mrs. Rajita Bogra

Thank you for providing farm fresh milk to our doorstep, daily. Recommend for all to try.