Our Farm

Single Source Cow Milk

Himalayan Creamery is among the few companies in India that supplies “Single Source Milk” to its customers using modern, safe and hygienic practices of dairy farming. We manage the feeding, comfort, health and milking of our cows and supply only our farm-produced milk to our customers. It is never collected from other sources. Because of this it is free from hormones, antibiotics, milk powder and chemicals. What’s more you don’t need to worry about adulteration and contamination in your milk. Our state of the art processing facility ensures the milk is never touched by hand. For extra safety we pasteurize it so you don’t have to boil it before drinking. It’s milk at its best and 100% natural.

Sustainable Organic Farm Produce

We recycle the manure on our farm for use as organic fertiliser for growing green fodder and food. The manure handling also produces biogas, which we turn into electricity for our farm use. About 15 acres of land is now organic where we grow fresh green fodder for our cows besides growing organic food like wheat, basmati rice, mustard and seasonal vegetables for our customers and employees. With no chemical fertilisers, pesticides or insecticides, the food we grow is not only safe but also sustainable.