Cow’s Milk

Our milk is “Single Source “and that makes it special. It means that we supply milk from our own herd of cows that live on our farm. This way we manage what our cows eat and drink, ensure that they are in good health and live comfortably. Healthy and Happy cows make great tasting milk.

Our state-of-the-art processing facility ensures that the milk is never touched by hand. For extra safety, we pasteurize it so you don’t have to boil it before drinking. Machine automatically fills up chilled pasteurized milk in food grade plastic pouches and then seals it without involving any human touch to the milk. Milk is then transported in refrigerated truck to the depot for onward home delivery to customers on bikes every morning.
Thus, it is milk at its best and 100% natural, which is easy to digest and can be consumed without boiling. Enjoy its great taste and goodness

In May 2019, Himalayan Creamery acquired Cremeway, which, since 2014, had been supplying milk in Tricity.

Milk packets would also be made available at select retail stores in Tricity to enable milk consumers seeking good quality milk at any point of time as per their convenience.