Overseas Indian Brings Cow Friendly Practices To Give Us A ‘Himalayan Creamery’ Taste

How many times have we heard of inhuman exploitation of cows by dairy farmers to maximize milk yield, and cursed them for giving all of us discerning milk and dairy consumers a feeling of guilt. Here comes an overseas Indian committed to caring for cows like pets, and bringing to our homes great tasting farm fresh cow’s milk, untouched by hand and conforming to the highest quality standards prevailing anywhere in the world.

Fifty-four years old Deepak Gupta, till recently based out of Singapore and heading commodities business in Asia for Agri-major Cargill, has just started supplying packaged cow’s milk under the brand name ‘Himalayan Creamery’ direct to homes in Chandigarh tricity from his highly automated and self sustaining 20 acres integrated single-source dairy farm, located in serene rural surroundings outside Nabha town in Punjab. The first Israeli technology based dairy farm, among the biggest organised dairy farms in the region, is based on the concept of ‘social entrepreneurship’.

The farm is home to 350 beautiful Holstein Frisian and Jersey cows, sourced from different parts of the country, and is currently milking 200 cows in a ‘herringbone’ milking parlour, keeping 150 calves for future growth of the herd. The milk from the parlour is untouched by hand and through a network of pipes goes into the processing plant where it is instantly chilled, pasteurised and packed on the farm. The packaged milk is then stored in a cold room before being loaded on to refrigerated trucks to be delivered farm fresh to customers at their doorstep. No need to boil the milk, as is the practice in Indian households, since it comes free from hormones, pesticides and antibiotics.